We grow, source & supply produce of the highest standards to over 200 luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants and some of our finest wineries in the region.

  • Herbs & Leaves

    Our herbs and leaves are grown on Little Oaks throughout the year. These colourful leaves are popular in salads and as garnish.

  • Baby Vegetables

    Our tender baby vegetables are available year-round. We source them locally according to the seasons.

  • Berries

    Our seasonal berries are popular in salads, desserts, breakfasts and smoothies – in fact they go in almost anything.

  • Fruit

    Our wide range of deciduous, subtropical and citrus fruit is consistently available.

  • Mushrooms

    We have an excellent range of mushrooms, from white and portobello to shiitake and shimeji available year-round.

  • Seasonal Fruit

    We source export quality seasonal fruit in the Western Cape. Nectarines, peaches and apricots often come from our own farm.

  • Vegetables

    We supply a complete range of vegetables including potatoes and onions all year round.

  • Tomatoes

    Our tomatoes are locally sourced for much of the year, and include cocktail, Italian plum tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes are also available in season.

  • Flowers

    We have a local, organic supplier of edible flowers with a lovely range of colours available most of the year.